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Looking for a change in direction? We’re obsessed with success. We understand that achieving the end results is not always a straight line. Sometimes you have to deviate from the norm! We create powerful messages by thinking in new and creative ways but we let our work speak for itself. The end results are innovative and effective, without losing sight of your bottom line.


Like a private chef, we have the

Recipe for Success
  • Detour Inc Design Purpose

    Detour, Inc. is a creative agency and photography studio headquartered in St. Charles, IL. We’ve been quietly earning a reputation for excellence since opening our doors in 1998. Our specialty is award-winning branding and advertising with a touch of phenomenal photography. Let us help you get you noticed.

  • Detour Inc. office environment

    It's a fact that the right environment brings out creativity and outstanding design. So we hired world-renowned architect Keith Youngquist, of Dacre & Youngquist, to design our office. We dedicate as much time and attention to detail in our work as we do our creative environment. We invite you to come check out both!

  • Detour Inc. Design Awards

    Our goal is to continue to provide superior, award winning quality work for our clients…which will make for a larger trophy case in our office! We now have 13 international design awards for branding and advertising. We continue to succeed through experience, skill and foresight. We invite you to check out our awards and the work that won them.

Detour Inc. Design



We take the oldschool approach of drawing things out, conceptualizing, refining and finalizing, resulting in awards.

Outstanding Branding

We specialize in identity and branding. We know what it takes to create a brand is successful and profitable.

Awesome Advertising

We love to create award-winning advertsing campaigns. We research your audience to no end in order to target them effectively.

Phenomenal Photography

No stock photography here, we pride ourselves with creating some of the best photography around, hands down.


It is always easy to scale back a big idea. It is nearly impossible to take a small idea and turn it into something big. But Detour, Inc. doesn’t shy away from a challenge and neither should you. However big or small the idea, we will deliver big city design and quality with local care and unmatched customer service.

Our team of dedicated professionals will work tirelessly to ensure that your needs are not only met, but exceeded. Our industry is ever changing, but we are committed to taking old-world skills and making them timeless. Veer off course and we’ll introduce you to our take on the vast world of design and marketing.

Working to create striking advertising

We are committed to developing and creating advertising and photography that will withstand the test of time.

We keep hearing that print is dead. That could not be further from the truth. People are overloaded with the digital world. Great printed pieces have lasting impact and we have track record to prove it.

Look for Yourself
Detour Inc. Olcott Advertising

what people are saying

Detour Inc. Astellas Pharma
Jamie Pawlak / Astellas Pharma

I've been working with Detour for several years for graphic design and printing for various annual projects and I love working with them. Their design concepts are innovative and creative, and they are flexible and cost effective as well. They are always happy to make changes as needed and are quick to respond. I highly recommend working with Detour!

Detour Inc. Dacre & Youngquist
Keith Youngquist / Dacre & Youngquist

I have been working with Detour graphic design for several years now and their design and creativity skills are second to none. Being in an allied creative field I have strong opinions with regards to any creative work performed by professionals I chose to work with. Detour has exceeded my expectations every single time, whether designing our web experience or handling advertising and social media. It doesn’t matter what the task, the work and thought process is always superior. I love working with this group. They are at the top of their game.

Detour Logo Design
Vicky Anglo / Anglo Couture

I absolutely love working with Detour. They totally get to know their customer and what their needs are, in order to create an amazing concept. Our logo design blew me away immediately. Although I knew what I wanted detour put it together better than I could ever have imagined.Our website is stunning and high end exactly like our products. Thank you David and the talented Detour team!!

Detour Cafe DeOro logo
Upasana Abbott / Cafe DeOro

Detour Graphic Design Ink did the Logo design, menu and marketing services for our business Cafe De Oro. Their team is phenomenal and their work is outstanding. I highly recommend their services for their professionalism.


Let’s make something beautiful

Unlimited power and customization possibilities

There are no limits to what we can create. Whether looking for an ad campaign or a logo, we can help take your business to another level. With over 25 years experience we know what it takes to succeed. Contact us today to set up a meeting to see what the possibilities are and where we can take it.


We are digital media agency

We are delivering beautiful digital products for you

If you are looking for digital products or want to jumpstart your social media, let's sit down and create a plan. .


We create designs and technology

We provide high quality & cost effective services

If you are looking to improve your branding and overall brand image, give us a call. We have extensive experience in creating award winning brands.