Detour Graphic Design, Inc.

Take a Different Route

why follow when you can lead

Looking for a change in direction? At Detour, Inc. we’re obsessed with your success. We understand that achieving the end results is not always a straight line. Sometimes you have to deviate from the norm and here we do just that! We create powerful messages by thinking in new and creative ways but we let our work speak for itself. The end results are innovative and effective, without losing sight of your bottom line. Get unstuck from the routine and come take the scenic route with us.

  1. Purpose
    to create

    Detour, Inc. is a creative agency and photography studio headquartered in St. Charles, IL. We’ve been quietly earning a reputation for excellence since opening our doors in 1998. Our specialty is branding and advertising with a touch of phenomenal photography.

  2. Environment
    to inspire

    At Detour we place absolute value on both creativity and originality. We believe that the right environment fosters creativity and outstanding design. So how do we separate ourselves from the pack? We hired world-renowned architect Keith Youngquist, of Dacre & Youngquist, to design our office. We promise just as much time and attention to detail in our work as we do our creative environment. We invite you to come check out both!

  3. Goal
    to win

    These are just some of our recent awards. Our goal is to continue to provide superior, award winning quality work for our clients…which will make for a larger trophy case in our office!
    • 2019 Summit International Award - Advertising
    • 2019 Summit International Award - Print Design
    • 2019 Summit International Award - Branding
    • 2018 Summit International Award - Advertising
    • 2017 Summit International Award - Branding
    • 2017 Summit International Award - Advertising
    • 2016 Summit International Award - Advertising
    • Community Development Award - Office Design
    • Emerging Media Innovator - Web Design
    • Marketing Effectiveness Award - Overall Branding
    • Summit International Award – Advertising

11 recent International Design Awards & Counting!

we want to make your next project number 12!